Student accomplishments

Last weekend I took some of my students to the SkillsUSA California Regional competition. I was particularly confident in my students’ abilities. A few students were in individual competitions, but most were in team events where they were presenting the different projects they are working on. I brought 21 students, and all 21 advanced to the state conference in April. Thats the largest number of kids I have brought to regionals, and thats the largest number I will have brought to state. 

After the event one student commented that was the first gold medal she had ever won in anything. Another asked if they get to keep the medals, or do they have to give them to the school.  Some students wore them to school all week. I am very proud of the work and accomplishments of these kids, and I am really looking forward to the state conference.

During the event one of the students told me “Mr. Hall I’m not going to lie. The only reason we took this project on is because we didn’t want to do all those other stupid projects, we’d rather do this. It’s easier to do something real.”  I told him that I knew that. One reason I do Skills is it is a lot easier than grading all those other silly projects. It really is easier to do real world projects than “busy work” projects designed to “fill the year.” It is way more rewarding to.