There was a fight at school today.

Again. I broke it up, again. Not alone, there was another teacher and our security person, our Principal, and even some students pitching in. It wasn’t a big deal as fights go, but I did rip my pants. It wasn’t the first fight I helped break up this year, but I do hope it is the last. It probably isn’t.

When I tell people tell people about days like today they often tell me I need to get out of there. But the odd thing is I really don’t want out of there. Here is the deal. I work at a small (250 students) neighborhood school. It is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. The city is one of the most illiterate cities in the nation, consistently ranking in the top 5. Currently the city is number 5 on the list of most violent cities in America. Forbes magazine rates this town as one of the most miserable places to live in America.

The unemployment rate in the neighborhood is well over 50%. Face it, its not a very pleasant place to live.

But I dont live there, I work there. By choice. Yea it is rough. But we are making progress. So I will get another pair of pants and go back tomorrow.

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