This year I am taking on the #youredustory blogging challenge. The short version is one blog posting a week about a suggested topic. Or you can use your own topic, just share once a week. Oh, and comment on other peoples’ posts. Sounds like something I can handle, so here goes!

The topic this week is “What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2015?.” That for me is easy. My one word is “Do.” As in do something. Just do it. Or, as Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” (I think that is what Yoda said, I am not a sci-fi kind of guy at all.)

Too often I find I think about the thngs I might try, or I should try, or I am going to think about. I find my to-do list getting longer and longer. I find I am always encouraging my students to do something, or make something, but that advise does not always come back to me. I need to change that.

Recently I came across a blog posting where it was argued if someone is going to teach a subject they need to be a practitioner of that subject. (Sorry, I can’t remember whose blog it was- I am sure I will be reminded shortly!) If someone teaches English, they should be a writer; if they teach welding they should be a welder. I think that is true. So this year, when I give an assignment, I am going to do it too. With the students, in front of the students.  I am going to do.

5 thoughts on “Do

  1. I love this! I agree completely! JUST DO SOMETHING! We tend to use the word “someday” an awful lot (at least I do) as in “Someday, I’ll paint.” or “Someday I’ll run a 5K.” I’ve decided that the word “someday” should be obliterated from the English language! Your word “DO” is the perfect remedy to “someday-itis”.

  2. I love that you are going to join your students in doing what they do. I, too, started doing that this school year and not only has it affected what I assign, but it has also showed my students that the work I do assign is valuable if I’m doing it too. It would be great to hear how that goes for you. Good luck!

  3. My kids love it when I share my writing with them — especially when it is my writing of an assignment I have just given them. Great way to make “do” meaningful!

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